Executive Coaching | Corporate Coaching

Are you ready to achieve the focus necessary to manage projects and the development of individuals and teams and identify and leverage personal communication style strengths and overcome limitations to increase profitability and productivity? If you are experiencing revenue, profit or team challenges, Dee Frazier can customize a business coaching program for your company or your group. Group corporate coaching leverages the possibilities for growth and effective change. Set people up for success not failure. Executive Coaching helps your teams achieve goals, implement strategies, accelerate projects with very tight time constraints, and dramatically improve results. Develop a business image to match present or desired corporate status through executive coaching and business coaching. Deanna Frazier, your personal business coach, will help develop a personal and business vision which is anchored in personal values. Her proven … Read more »

Training | Seminars | Workshops – Deanna Frazier

Seminar leader, business coach and certified executive coach: Deanna Frazier brings over 20 years of experience in leading seminars and workshops across the country. Dee Frazier facilitates with a unique and informed communication style to her workshops, seminars and training sessions. Workshop participants build leadership skills; improve teamwork, goal setting, career management, and other areas relevant to professional lives. Dee is a vibrant and energetic woman with a magnetic personality who incorporates humor and shares personal stories and advice in all of her speeches. You can count on an event that will be upbeat, lively, and full of audience interaction. The Business of Attracting Business How to Attract What You Want How to Attract the Perfect Client Creating the Perfect Team How to Live and Work with Passion and Purpose Choosing to Be the Change Laugh and Learn … Read more »

Personal Coaching | Life Coaching

Personal coach, Deanna Frazier brings back the fun in your life. Personal coaching helps you get clear about your values, talents and strengths, your energy will increase, you’ll gain focus and clarity and achieve more. Life coaching gives you a more meaningful personal direction resulting in better decisions about your life, greater self-confidence and motivation. Change happens every day and we each have individual ways of dealing with it. How you deal with behavioral change impacts your health and well-being. Major life transitions fall into a number of categories, including job and career, relationships, roles, self-development, lifestyle, and health. If you are facing one OR MORE of the more complex life changes you will have to disengage from the familiar, and move forward into the unfamiliar. Working with a personal coach – life coach … Read more »

Career Coaching | Talent Management

Deanna Frazier, Career Coach and Talent Management expert, provides career coaching, consulting and talent development services to ensure peak performance desired outcomes and career goals are achieved. Discover and learn how you can maximize your career potential or optimize the potential of your teams and professionals. Consult with her today for an exciting tomorrow! Career Coaching and Talent Management will: Enhance the leadership and management skills of your professionals and executive teams. Navigate effectively through career transitions or chart a new career path. Increase your negotiating skills. Build a valuable network and capitalize on career opportunities. Overcome personal limitations that jeopardize career advancement and hinder peak performance. “I recently had the great pleasure of working with Dee. In her role as career coach, she has provided a tremendous and valuable service in helping me to re-focus my … Read more »