“You stimulated an amazing deep conversation last evening!!! Wow! … such a rich and textured conversation on so many levels. You created a totally fun, honest, open and exploratory place to go and way of being – no judging – how to be in control without being controlling. Great job of corralling us!

You shook up our thinking – we all need that! And, it’s still unfolding. Thank YOU for being YOU exactly as you are! And, thank you for sharing so generously last night.”

Sharon Roberts, Roberts & Roberts Associates

“Dee has great energy and information. We had fun and got some great ideas how to attract what we want. The handout was wonderful because it gave some points to follow and to remember to create the life we love.”

Sharon Richardson, Merck Pharmaceuticals

“Dee gave us good practical advice. It was very reality based and she offered doable goals. She has great energy and her topic was perfect for our group.”

Denise Gillian-Norgard, Merrill Lynch

“The seminar content was full, useful and practical. Benefits were that it was easy to use and applicable to my daily life. Dee’s energy was high and her enthusiasm was spectacular!”

Olivia Mitchell, Celanese

“Dee inspires us all as she ‘dances’ across the stage and asks us to reflect on the difficult questions of life. She is truly a ‘woman for all season’.”

Ginny Robinson, Manager of Women’s Resources, Medical Center of Plano

“All the feedback from the three teams has been very positive. You gave us a great gift with your time and wisdom.”

Keith Williams, Senior Vice President, Learning, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

“Inspiring, got me to thinking about how I present myself. Made a huge difference in how I think. Can’t wait to put your pointers to practice in my life.”

Linda Roberts, Army & Air Force Exchange Services

“Wow, your talk opened my thinking to the possibilities and potential available to me. I will start living my life fully and make a conscious effort to change (I am fearless)!!!”

Elizabeth Brown – Armstrong Office Concepts

“Your session was a reminder of the work that we have to continue to do on ourselves both positive and negative; the information and presentation allowed us all to benefit professionally and personally and for that I am very appreciative.”

Yvonne Williams, Texas State Technical College

“I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend your workshop. I appreciate the guidance and advise you have given me in our brief but beneficial conversations. I admire your positive outlook and the way you were able to find each persons strengths in such a short amount of time.”

Derek VanDorn, State Farm

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