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Are you ready to achieve the focus necessary to manage projects and the development of individuals and teams and identify and leverage personal communication style strengths and overcome limitations to increase profitability and productivity?

  • If you are experiencing revenue, profit or team challenges, Dee Frazier can customize a business coaching program for your company or your group.
  • Group corporate coaching leverages the possibilities for growth and effective change. Set people up for success not failure.
  • Executive Coaching helps your teams achieve goals, implement strategies, accelerate projects with very tight time constraints, and dramatically improve results.
  • Develop a business image to match present or desired corporate status through executive coaching and business coaching.
  • Deanna Frazier, your personal business coach, will help develop a personal and business vision which is anchored in personal values.
  • Her proven business coaching process increases confidence and skills in guiding major organizational change.

“Dee has the ability to discern a problem quickly and think in terms of solutions. Her guidance is practical and applicable. She speaks from experience, not theory. She’s been in the trenches and knows what the real issues are and what it’s like to be involved in corporate America today.”

- Jane C. Ivey, Director, Recruitment and Selection/ LSG Sky Chefs, Inc.

“Dee Frazier is gifted…and giving. Whether we’re talking about her Clients, Audiences, Colleagues, Friends…she’s the same with all…intelligent, engaging, knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. It was my pleasure to serve on two Boards for which Dee was also a Board Member. In both cases, her quick grasp of the organizations’ mission and understanding of which strategy(ies) would be most effective was amazing! And she added the extra ingredient: she implemented. It was such a pleasure to work with her.”

- Lin O’Neill, President, Futures Consulting

“I first utilized the services of Deanna Frazier as a business coach for me personally as I moved my film production company from Dallas to Los Angeles. Dee was instrumental in the smooth transition for me personally, and soon thereafter we began to utilize her services at my company – Igo Films and continue to use her each year as we evaluate our business strategies and set specific goals Dee’s ability to listen and target the challenges faced by each individual is truly remarkable. I would recommend Dee for any business or personal coaching needs.”

- Annie Biggs, CEO Igo Films

“Dee Frazier is an incredible executive coach! Her business coaching process is both revealing and provides focus and clarity in my actions and drives me towards peak performance.”

- Andrew Szabo, The Marketing Chef – Keynote Speaker and Author

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To determine if business coaching or executive coaching is right for you call executive coach Deanna Frazier at 972.248.9084  for a free business coaching – executive coaching assessment.

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