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Personal coach, Deanna Frazier brings back the fun in your life. Personal coaching helps you get clear about your values, talents and strengths, your energy will increase, you’ll gain focus and clarity and achieve more. Life coaching gives you a more meaningful personal direction resulting in better decisions about your life, greater self-confidence and motivation.

Change happens every day and we each have individual ways of dealing with it. How you deal with behavioral change impacts your health and well-being. Major life transitions fall into a number of categories, including job and career, relationships, roles, self-development, lifestyle, and health. If you are facing one OR MORE of the more complex life changes you will have to disengage from the familiar, and move forward into the unfamiliar.

Working with a personal coach – life coach like Dee Frazier will enable you to invest in your most valuable resource: yourself. Dee Frazier can help you:

  • Recognize what isn’t working
  • Tap into your ability – and willingness to change
  • Learn to live with ambiguity and discontinuity
  • Modify and adapt to change
  • Discover what you want for yourself.

Dee Frazier offers coaching sessions to assist you in having everything you want from life. You will learn how to invest in your most valuable resource: yourself. The personal coaching process will help you develop strategic action plans and ideas for ultimate happiness.

“I can’t say enough about the impact that Dee Frazier has had on my life. Her efforts on my behalf have helped me become a happier, more focused, more AWARE human being. Dee challenges and encourages me at the same time. She helps me get outside myself to see the bigger picture—in terms of where I am now and where I want to go in life. I would recommend Deanna Frazier  to anyone.”

Linda Surles, PrimeAmerica

“Your confident, easygoing style permitted me to open up, as must occur for the personal coaching effort to have an impact, AND the impact was immediate. Every professional I know could benefit from working with Deanna Frazier. Personally, my business has increased by approximately 30% just in the short-term!! Who couldn’t get excited about that? Thank you so much for improving my life!”

Michael Widerschein Senior Vice-President / Client Services

“Dee Frazier is an amazing personal coach and business woman! She brings not only powerful intuition, communication and business skills, but also a strong sense of compassion and humor. I used Dee Frazier as my own life coach for three years; therefore, it is from my own personal experience and a deep regard for her gifts that I recommend her.”

Julie Overholt, Professional Certified Coach

“My career has done a 180 (a good one!) in the last 4 years. That is due in large part to my work with Deanna Frazier. Dee Frazier helped me learn how to create my own successes. She is an exceptional personal coach and any individual or organization would benefit from working with her.”

Linda Surles, Director Global Board of Operations

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Personal coach – life coach: Deanna Frazier provides personal coaching and life coaching services to create positive behavioral change for life transitions and break out peak performance. Let Dee Frazier, life coach and relationship coaching expert help you realize your life goals and relationship desires. Contact Deanna Frazier today for a free coaching assessment.

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